4. “EU Cookie Law”

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“EU Cookie Law” effective 26.5.12

Cloud Live Limited has audited the use of cookies by www.cloudlive.co.uk by using the “View Cookies” extension available for the Mozilla Firefox browser.  No cookies identifiable as from cloudlive.co.uk are currently left on your computer . www.cloudlive.co.uk is a “frame redirect” to a wordpress.com hosted blog. WordPress.com sites require some cookies to enable their operation. Please see automatic.com/privacy/ for the privacy policy applicable to wordpress.com. There is no current cookie opt in option for wordpress.com hosted sites.

Please be aware that Cloud Live Limited will take the reading of this page and the continued use of www.cloudlive.co.uk and it’s underlying wordpress.com blog as “implied consent”.

Background to the “EU Cookie Law”:

On May 26th 2011 a new EU law came into effect that requires companies registered in member countries to comply with updated privacy law regarding the use of cookies by websites. UK companies had to be compliant by 26th May 2012. Website  visitor consent is required (opt in) before a cookie can be stored or retrieved from a users computer or other web connected device. A cookie is a small packet of information that can be used to store information for the users and/or website owners benefit. Certain exclusions to opt in apply e.g. shopping basket information.

The Information Commissioner’s Office is responsible for the “EU Cookie Law” in the UK.

Page updated 25.3.16

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